The Benefits of Duct Insulation

Attic insulation can go a long way in lowering energy consumption and costs. Most of the heat put into a house will be lost right out the roof sending energy costs through the roof with it. You can install attic insulation that will keep in the heat, or keep it out during hot weather months. Your roof and attic are the answer to energy cost reduction.

The benefits of duct insulation

Homes and buildings with forced hot air heating systems or duct work that contains air conditioning distribution require extra insulation around duct work to keep energy consumption efficient and affordable. There are several types of duct insulation materials that will effectively insulate and product duct work.

The most common types of duct or attic insulations are fibreglass insulation and cellulose insulation. Each come in various densities depending on your climate and the exposure of the duct to the elements. For example, duct work that runs between floors is more protected by the house itself than that which runs through the attic. Floor sound insulation can also add to the reduction in dampening or energy loss through the ducts.

Fiberglass insulation is generally applied in sheets with a paper backing that is moisture resistant. It is used to be directly wrapped around the ducts and in wall spaces between ducts and the wall. Cellulose insulation is a spray type of insulation that is used just to fill in between the duct and the wall. As the material is sprayed in it dries and expands to fill any gaps. The amount sprayed and type determines the density of the entire insulation job.

Any area of a house that is directly exposed to the outdoors needs to be insulated, not only to save the homeowner money, but often by law. In fact, different areas require different levels of insulation in order for a home to pass inspection. This is the best way to ensure the home is protected from the elements and will be safe for occupancy. One area of particular concern to inspectors is the attic insulation.

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